Listen my lovelies, the post that I did talking about reviewing Christmas menus has resulted in a lot of establishments taking it as a challenge to make me love turkey! NO NO NO! If I was going to do that the only contender so far is The Red House at Marsh Benham but I do […]

Christmas food reviews

I am wondering about doing a comparison of Christmas food menus. The only thing stopping me is that I seriously consider turkey a complete waste of a meal, followed closely by cauliflower and sprouts. There I have said it. Sooooo if you want me to review your Christmas offering please be prepared to wow me […]

Luckys, Indian Food of Quality

Well who knew? As you may know I have been lucky enough to pair up with the luscious, vivacious Waheeda who also has a fantastic programme on Kennet Radio (Listen lovely readers, it is a cracking show). I am starting a new thread on food from different cultures and Waheeda is going to accompany me […]