Beth’s 50th Birthday

This is my sister Beth’s 50th birthday party (sorry for letting the world know Boo) and the only time she is only one year younger than me. The whole thing was magnificent, It was a fifties tea party with the most amazing sandwiches, cakes and biscuits. Above is Beth outside the pagoda that had different […]

Oh yes Summer is here and the garden beckons

Despite not having a pizza oven or Green Egg (like L’Ortolan) I still love to eat in the garden whenever I can. Last week we celebrated Jordan‘s birthday for what seemed the 8th time, she is very similar to my daughter Rachel! She had some friends and her dad over and we had various friends […]

Rubbish Food

I would be curious to know your thoughts on this one. I ate a really rubbish meal last week. I wasted my taste buds on a meal that someone else paid for so I didn’t feel that I could complain at the time but it also meant that I didn’t give them a chance to […]

Christina Novelli "one year on"

  via Christina Novelli “one year on”.` Ok the tenuous link is that this article is about Jean Christophe Novelli‘s daughter, Christina, who is a fabulous singer and the article refers to a fantastic producer who is my son and I am being proud mum.  

Sunday lunch – chinese for my number one boy

I went to the Dewpond in Burghclere on Friday for a wonderful meal that raised money for West Berkshire Mencap. What happens is that we pre-order, get the most wonderful food, great company, organised by the most pro=active president we have ever had and generally have a great time that also raises money for the […]