Not Just Any Takeaway, This Is A Harrow Takeaway

It feels so good to be part of a club, a club that wants and appreciates you and that you love back. From being the most amazing front of house Sue Jones has transferred her skills into, well, front of house, The Harrow in Little Bedwyn to be precise. Remember that heart-warming Cheers song, “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”. Sue could have written that song. Both Roger and herself have made the best of the rotten circumstances and now nearly every Friday you can drive up to The Harrow and get an exceptional meal for a fraction of the cost it could be. You will also feel like a member of an elite dining club as you pass cars to and from The Harrow. We are all collecting our precious Harrow stamped bags, menus and instructions on how to do the minimal amount of heating required to achieve a state of delicious nirvana.
Huge apologies for the plating but better to see it messily than not at all. Pembroke Lobster, Thai Salad, Yuzu, Mango and Sesame. This is a generous dish, I had quite a bit of lobster and was very satisfied (more so then the lobster I suspect but what a way to go, as part of such a delightful menu)
I am so excited by all the options that I have been gifted of opening my food. I have ring pulls, bottles of potions that should say ‘drink me’ (although champagne and chive sauce or miso soup is probably better) and little jars of aubergine confit with a perigord truffle mayonnaise. Willy Wonka eat your heart out. The cheeses are wrapped up in paper and the blackberry crumble and Sauce Anglaise comes in its own unique pot. Lets see if that one makes it home! There is more but my typing fingers are tired. I suggest that you look on the website as there is the tasting menu but lots more including, I understand, the most amazing wine.
I don’t think this picture in any way gives the Orkney and Shrimp Ravioli in a Champagne and Chive Sauce any justice at all. One of the wonderful things about Roger’s food is the ability for each dish to be the one you think you want an entire meal of……until the next one.
This is Father Christmas aka Roger Jones. I suspect that many people would rather this man turn up at their table as he is all about the wine. He has been working in the wine trade for over 30 years, does regular tastings (hmmm). To give you an idea of his gravitas he has been a senior judge at the Decanter World Wine Awards this year, looking after Australia and has been a judge at Decanter for over a decade. You may notice some of the bags looking a lot heftier and janglier than mine, that is because very wise customers know that they get great wine at a fantastic price on Rogers recommendation. His reputation is at stake. Can I just say though, adorable as he is, Sue is easier on the eye, just saying, she is a foxy chick.
Finally a picture of me as a Snowman, why? Because I can. You may notice that any pictures are of Roger not Sue, that is because I am such an adorable little scamp that when I saw the picture I took of Sue I realised it wasn’t the beautiful lady at her best, more my fault than hers, so I very sweetly posted her husband instead. Takeaways start again on Friday 13th of November (hmmm auspicious?) and as next Friday is my birthday I will see if I am going somewhere postworthy. My readers are of a sensitive disposition and come to this blog to find out where great food is, mediocre doesn’t warrant their eye movement. Note that the Harrow has seasonal menus and their New Years Eve is spectacular. What are you doing over Christmas, you and five others? Would you consider a delicious easy to make takeaway?

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