Thank you White Hart

Oh what a delicious delight. My mother was in Kintbury doing some holy thing with monks and we rescued her to take her for a decent meal near by. The White Hart in Hampstead Marshall is just superb. It is fast becoming my favourite work pub in that is very near my work, West Berkshire Mencap, and I feel that I have treated people well if I take them there and even better if they take me! The Chef, Darren, has recently started there and is very good with an excellent team supporting him. Details, details. Ok I had the scallops wrapped in smoked salmon to start with, as did my mum, these had a smear of cauliflower with vanlla puree with smoked salmon pearls and micro herbs, really well cooked. OH had grilled goats cheese with heritage beetroots, both thin slices and cubes, radishes and microherbs. Very good, the smoked salmon pearls released a wonderful explosion of smoked salmon as you bit into it and the beetroot was earthy and a perfect pairing with the goats cheese

The White Hart have a new specialty of fresh fish from Brixham, known to the boat it is caught from. My mother had lemon sole with lemon butter, you have a choice of fish, ways of cooking, and accompaniments. OH had sardines with lemon butter, the biggest ones I have seen for a long time and very flavoursome whilst I had plaice in beer batter with crushed peas and the best tartare sauce I have ever had. My only sadness is that one of the chips was undercooked but that is not a huge deal bearing in mind the whole experience.

I persuaded (it didnt take much) my mother to have the sorbets because I had tried them previously when interviewing Darren for Kennet Radio. When you see such enthusiasm you know you are onto a good thing and the sorbets were amazing. They included a chocolate sorbet, rarely seen because of the difficulty of setting chocolate but Darren had cracked it. I had an eton mess, I would have liked a more chewy meringue but it is amazing I was persuaded to have a pudding at all and OH had a a chocolate sundae which was wonderful.

We left the White Hart knowing we had eaten very well, the beer was local and good (Good Old Boy, West Berkshire Brewery) and I have already booked in again. You know when you have eaten well, and leave feeling sated and happy, the staff were considerate, tap water was provided (always a point in my .review) and you just know you want to come back.. Luckily it is very near my work so I will be back

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