Poachers sandwich or squished by my arse


This is a really lush sandwich which I first made many years ago. It requires a good loaf, I chose a cheese tiger bread, which I hollowed out slightly. I then cooked rump steak medium rare (if it had been for me it would have been rare so more juices oozed into the bread but Tony is a medium chap) and left to rest. I then slowcooked onions and garlic until they caramelised, adding mushrooms for the last five minutes and finishing with flat leaf parsley and a touch of lemon zest. The bread got layered with butter and horseradish then the meat, sliced against the grain into thick slices and poured into the hollowed out loaf. Season it as necessary and then top the loaf with the lid and now comes the fun bit.

Wrap the loaf in clingfilm tightly with several layers, then a couple of layers of tin foil. Finally you have a choice, you can put it between two boards and weight it down with heavy things or, ideally you put it under the mattress of a heavy person. I chose to sit on it. Look, it was wrapped up, it was fine, at no point did the sandwich make contact with my arse but I could really squash it. Finally I left it under the sofa cushion for a few hours before putting in fridge.

You can add so much to this sandwich, pesto, grilled peppers, dried tomatoes, mozzarella, just use your imagination although I quite like the pure version. It doesn’t take too long and is a wonderful picnic item (don’t talk about the arse thing if you are sharing). It should end up pretty flat and solid and easy to slice.

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