Two tier system

2014-01-30 17.56.41 2014-01-31 17.36.19 2014-01-31 17.37.06Is it because I am British or just a free loader that I love it when hotels have an extra layer that entitles you to your own lounge with canapes (swoon), afternoon tea and cocktails? #hotels #hoteliers – I am sure there is a good reason for this and for those that know about me and canapes I guess I have dug my own grave but in several hotels in the Far East we have been able to upgrade  ( obviously I don’t tell them about the canape addiction) and we get this extra service, it also includes free wifi, which of course all reasonable hotels already have, but it is the whole snack thing that gets my pulse racing. I know it costs more and sometimes you aren’t around to take advantage (I use the word ‘you’ in the widest sense because there is NOTHING that comes between me and a good canape let alone a cocktail but it makes the whole stay such a treat. Answers very welcome please.

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