Brebis – Newbury

Oh yes, another great find, again this was recommended by people I respect so I popped in to ask for an interview and ended up buying a couple of starters. Will do a big interview with them for Kennetradio which goes live this week!

2014-04-30 20.51.57



Warm asparagus, sauce gribiche

Look how beautifully this is presented by a chef with OCD. Three big fat juicy forced white aspargus spears in a line separated by three green seasonal spears of asparagus. This was topped by a delicious sauce gribiche which I loved. I love tartare sauce and this tastes like its upper class relative. I could see the chopped capers and taste the tang of the mustard and vinegar. Not sure I got any tarragon but this was a brilliantly made addition to the asparagus which I normally have very plain. In fact the sauce would be a nice addition to shucked oysters, please may this lovely place do oysters when they are in season, they are so hard to find locally.


2014-04-30 20.52.13

 The mismatched crockery was very up to the minute in a modern grannylike fashion. These were Jersey Royals, in season now, with Bayonne ham and wild ramsen. Wild ramsen is also known as wild garlic which I keep looking for and everyone else finds but me so I am off to the Artisan Market at The Bladebone in Chapel Row on Saturday morning to see if I can buy some. Back to the food, some of the ham was softer, some was cooked until crunchy and the flavour it gave to the potatoes was awesome.

Another great place to visit and at lunchtime they do lots of small plates which I will try, if I can save my pennies, as it will give me the chance to get some good photos.

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