Chefs Competition

Just a quickie before I finish day 4 of the Cruise Saga. Three restaurants, Brebis, Luckys and The Bladebone competed in Newbury Market Square in a Chef Off. The food was amazing from all three chefs, well I say three but Luckys came well manned and also cleverly fed the judges and the crowds with all sorts of tasty delicacies. Smart move Luckys. Looking around I could see giant rollerblading tomatoes and other edible items made life size. Surreal. All three restaurants produced amazing food in difficult circumstances and it was so difficult to choose that we ended up in a tie. Therefore a non judge decided the winner for us and that was Kiren Puri from the Bladebone but believe me you could be really well fed at Luckys or at Brebis in Newbury. We are lucky to have so many great restaurants and pubs in our area.

Strange fruit to paraphrase a song

Juicy prawns in an exotic tropical sauce from Luckys

How cute are these caprese macaroons from The Bladebone

Mackerel, crisp on the outside, juicy and well cooked from The Bladebone

I dont have any photos of the food from Brebis which is sad as it looked incredible but here is Sam creating magic

Well done to The Bladebone, Brebis and Luckys

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