The Newbury in Newbury – great places both

When The Newbury Pub has an event then it is worth noting and putting in the diary. We have a lot of chain restaurants in Newbury and I am sure they are pretty good but I specialise in the independents. Pete Lumber has been a real gift to Newbury, he has invested so much in The Newbury Pub and it has been a wonderful addition to the Newbury Scene. Pete is from Bristol and if you listen to him you will get that straight away. let me declare an interest in Bristol straight away, I am a Trustee of Brandon Trust whose headquarters are in Bristol and my gorgeous delightful, dont fuck with me, daughter Rachel lives in Bristol. I spend my time trying to get Pete to get The Gin Bowlers, Rachels band, up to the Newbury, then my life would be complete and I could die happy. No pressure guys.

Right I have to admit my ignorance now, I had no idea that this dinner would involve wine makers enthusing about their wines. Dan O’Keefe, wine importer extraordinare, was there and weirdly his daughter lives with my daughter in Bristol at times, we didnt know this until now, worlds colliding. Then I bumped into Russel Dowling from The Bid @visitnewbury, I say bumped into but he seemed to be rushing backwards away from me screaming ‘No No Not another Race’ before I even mentioned @westberksmencap Race Day! On March 3rd 2017 as you are asking.


My favourite food group, canapes



Superb, fish wrapped in prosciutto



Nothing like a happy chef to set the evening off well


What a wheeze, I need the canapes to photograph for my blog, mwahahaha. Now note behind the canapes, the most amazing whipped butter. I had to stop James Hussey from @EDGENEWBURY to stop burying his face in it. He is difficult to manage and I think his lady friend is amazing.



Wine person Dan O’Keefe, all round good egg and father of my daughters friend, they are ripping up Bristol in a great way, catch the Gin Bowlers or Mama Nice while you can



Ok after the fab crab amuse bouche and the red mullet starter we had the boudin of guinea fowl. This is the course that came with the Domaine de La Solitude, Chateneuf-du-Pape 2012 which made my husband fall off his seat with excitement, not least because the wine was accompanied by a talk from the wine producer talking about how his family starting making the wine in the 4th centtury. The poor guy was fenced into a corner by hubby asking a million questions about his favourite wine.




And there he is, Mr Chateauneuf-du-pape with Dan O’Keefe



What can I say, this is the lovely Mr Pete Lumber, owner of The Newbury Pub, incredible supporter of Newbury district and provider of fab food, drinks and events. Oh and he supports West Berkshire Mencap, therefore doubly loved by me. He is passionate about supporting Newbury, The Bid, the local community and best of all, great food.



I thought I didn’t like Blue Cheese but hells bells, James and I were attacking each other with the knives trying to get to the cheese and the incredibly luscious whipped butter. Fourme dAmbert was the cheese ooh and it came with pickled walnuts, oh yes!




OK pudding, those who know me know that I have two starters rather than a pudding, indeed recently at the Crooked Billet I had FIVE starters and have definitely had several at a time at The Newbury. However I have it on good report that his Cherry Clafoutis was amazing so there you go.


Now people, be pleased that you live in Newbury, we have great places to eat and be entertained, we have Russell Dowling organising The Bid, we have great street food like Isidro’s. take heart that in these turbulent times we have a wonderful place to be. Indeed how lucky are we to be able to have such an amazing dinner with such experienced people talking us through their passions. Well done to THe Newbury x





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