Blog down, web developer threatens to cut off bloggers fingers! Read to the end!!!

Sorry I haven’t been on for a few days, particularly as I have some great places to write about.  I am currently in Hitchin having treatment that we will never talk about EVER.  They have some great places to eat and a fantastic street food market on the last Thursday of every month.  More on these later.  Following my treatment I will blog about the most amazing Lussmans.  Small menu, huge flavour.  Coming soon x  Oh and sorry Mr Web Man, apparently I am not allowed to download everything and as he is one of the best web developers on the planet, I don’t want to make him angrier.


WEBDEV Comments:  Not the fingers, you need those to cook with!  However, if you keep downloading and installing random plug-ins I’ll do my own blog post on here, an in-depth look at your treatment, complete with hi-res photo-album.


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