How perfect, exercise and feed in one place – Reading Lido

Ooh what is this?

Not the usual first thing you see as you walk through the door of a great restaurant but The Reading Lido has more than delicious food available.  No this didnt have a tailors but water, a fantastic open air swimming pool (yes that is indeed a Lido) surrounded by a kitchen, tables and chairs and changing rooms.  The decor was lovely, light and airy with a Mediterranean feel.


I have to be honest, I was desperate to go to the Reading Lido because if you look way back in this blog you will see that one of my favourite meals was at the Bristol Lido and the wood fired scallops were really good as was the Iberican Pork, so full of flavour, slightly pink (calm down wusses) so I was incredibly grateful to be asked to choose from either the Swim and Lunch package or the Swim and Tapas package, the one I chose.  They even let my friend come with me because I still have a broken wrist and needed her opinion on the pool as well as a cheeky driver.

How cool is this, beautifully put together and so stylish


A view of the pool which has amazing surroundings of trees as you look up, beautiful.

I would have liked to slip this into my handbag (which, dear reader, you know is more like a suitcase, indeed I look like a tortoise with my rucksack on my back) but that would have been bad manners, sigh.

See how light and airy it is with a great view of the pool.  Am thinking this could be good or bad depending on who is swimming!

My delightful dining companion, Anne, the vegeterianish friend who is great to invite round as she doesnt stomp about if meat is there.  She just eats round meat without complaining, great friend.

Possibly the best Patatas Bravas I have ever had because it was so fresh.  The potatoes were crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, the alioli was not too strong, I could have stood a little more garlic but still delicious.

A brilliant cabbage, parsley and parmesan salad that Anne declared was magnificent.

This was the croquetas selection, crisp and crunchy outside with a variety of creamy and delicious insides.  Another winner.

Ha!  The infamous wood roast scallops, sweet herbs and garlic butter.  One of the USP’s here is the wood firing and this dish is all the better for it.  Perfectly cooked.

This was the crispy fried fish of the day with black garlic alioli, Anne cautiously allowed me a taste and the fish was cooked by an expert.

The Iberican seared pork and I cant remember the topping!

So apparently the pool is delightful, membership is limited although you can get day passes, sign up fast.  Definitely worth going back here.


There is also a great range of sherry, spirits, wines and cocktails.



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