Bumpkins – London

This s a trip I made a couple of months ago to Bumpkins where the chef was kind enough to give me a quick interview for Kennet Radio as well.  As it was all a bit spur of the moment the photos aren’t great but you get an idea of their food which is pretty good. I was able to have oysters, oh yes, and a really interesting scallop dish with cauliflower beignets followed by ox cheek and a smoky mash. Please be warned that this post is written some time after the event so I may not be describing everything perfectly but have learned my lesson about taking notes!!


Oysters, my prestarter starter.


My lovely brother Toby who normally lives in China and we meet in Hong Kong where he takes me to amazing eateries.


A very blurry picture of my lovely little sister, Beth, and her husband, Murray.


Goats cheese and beetroot salad, lightly grated horseradish, fennel, cox apple, croutons and a beetroot dressing


Pan fried west coast scallops served with bacon tomato jam, cauliflower fritters and sea vegetables This was so delicious and the cauliflower was unusual but gave a good crunchy texture to go with the sweet meaty scallops


Asparagus, seasonal, simple and delicious


One view of skate wing with caper sauce


I wish I could remember – this is where I learnt the importance of taking notes. However it could well be the pan fired fillet of sea bass with chargrilled garden vegetables with a light tomato sauce


skate wing with caper sauce again


Braised Scottish ox cheek with smoked mash, oxtail bone marrow, sliced ox tongue and a fantastically deep rich sauce. This was real comfort food, it had umami and a wonderful depth of flavour. The sort of food that you may not be able to eat all of it and then regret that a couple of hours later. Indeed a plate licker, luckily the restaurant is far enough away that they probably won’t recognise me next time I go back. Which I will. Highly recommended. Good specials board, lots of seasonal produce, well worth a visit.


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