Just a quickie – hospital tomorrow – eating today!

The melodramatic bit. Having had SIX months of different hospitals trying to pass me off to any other hospital because they don’t want to delve into my innards (and I actually find that quite offensive, surely my innards are cute and entertaining) I now discover I need TWO surgeons to be present and the op is tomorrow. Two surgeons, possibly they starting from opposite ends, Euro Tunnel like, hoping to meet in the middle. Anyway I have rather picked up on the misery and doubt the surgeons are emitting so maybe this is the last post (haha on many levels).

Ok from being an urgent surgery case in December to NHS losing my notes or not wanting to be the first ones in for 6 months I have today been told I can have my op on Thursday! That hardly gives me the time to gather my condiments. I was meant to be going to the opening of English Provender’s new building on Friday, they are the Emperor of Condiments and sent the best invitation ever, a jar of onion marmalade with mustard. How sad am I that I can’t attend. Am trying to wheedle another visit just for me.

In the meantime having been to Daniel Galmiches Ladies Lunch at the Vineyard and buying his book (thanks for inscribing “thanks for last night” mwahaha) I have decided to cook his lovely recipe on page 86 Pan Fried Chicken with Garden Vegetables and Pancetta Ragout. I have followed it to the letter and it smells and tastes divine though am waiting for T to come back to serve it. The only teeny changes were …….. I used organic cornfed chicken thighs instead of breasts, oh and new green garlic instead of garlic, and thyme instead of savory and organic smoked bacon instead of pancetta. As for the broad beans, well don’t get me started, seriously!!! I used a bag of broad beans which first I shelled then blanched then took the skins off and was left with virtually nothing, A dozen little broad bean bits. The leftovers could have filled a small room! Still, I did use the few precious broad beans, naked and freshly green.

This was a very tasty dish so thank you to the lovely Daniel Galmiche from the Vineyard at Stockcross. Much appreciated.


IMG_1960The inscription Daniel did for me in what is a truly delightful book, there are so many things I want to try, not least he mushroom risotto which is my planned method of death, one dive into a vat of delicious loveliness and I will be in heaven.



Daniel with the lovely Linda, my PA. Then Daniel looking just a tiny bit concerned with me doing a selfie (the first one I have ever done! – I am now down with the kids). I think you can see the whites of his eyes.


Ha! If you want to know what these lovely dishes are check out my Instagram, leilaslocallarder – they were all superb





IMG_1954 IMG_1955



IMG_1956 IMG_1959





On the left, the number of broad beans left after shucking, blanching, removing from skins of a barrel load of beans! Frozen next time methinks. On the right the dish after the foraged mushrooms from Chapel Row Artisan Market have been added.



The finished dish, really wonderful with enough left over to make T a meal for when I am in hospital. He has a freezer drawer packed with supplies and should the worst happen I reckon he can last at least 2 weeks before needing to get another wife. Still, he has a great recipe book to work from, French Brasserie by Daniel Galmiche. Yum


As an aside, whilst on morphine and ebay the result is ….. shoes, so here is a picture of one pair, more to follow.









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