Bored, 2.30 am, so I must be hungry, right? Midnight Bruschetta

One slice of sourdough, toasted, butter it well then grate a garlic clove over the buttered side. Then squish an aromatic tomato and spread it onto the toast. Hmm something missing. Mmmm, slice a mozzarella over the toast then a beautiful line of fresh basil. Could go as it is but for me there is meat missing. Oh yes, back of the fridge chorizo steps up to the plate. All under the grill until chorizo crisps up a bit. Guess I could have put the mozzarella over the chorizo. Maybe that can wait for another exciting middle of the night snack. Oh and a bit of 90’s balsamic glaze.

Photo on 2015-02-22 at 02:52.jpg

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