Radio Interviewees needed urgently, can good food providers apply?

Over the time I have been doing my radio interviews and the blog I have made it clear that if the food is not so good I don’t want to share information about it. What’s the point? It can be much more entertaining to read about rubbish food and is certainly great fun to write about it but that was not the reason for the radio programme or the blog. The point was to share great places to eat or buy food wonderful food. However I have run out of radio interviews and back ups (totally my own disorganised fault) and desperately need some more. So if you would like to talk to me for twenty minutes about why your food is so wonderful and what sparked your passion please contact me on as soon as you can! For those that have offered in the past before I vanished off the face of the planet for several months please get back to me, everything is now up and running.

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