Roux Parliament Square

What a place to celebrate. This was proper posh and even better I got to interview Marco for Kennet Radio before the meal. He is an other passionate chef, always a great sign when you are about to eat somewhere.

IMG_2701_2Marco looking like he wishes he was somewhere else

It was very kind of Marco to give up his time for the interview bearing in mind that it was just before lunch service. We talked about his influences, he loves Australia, in particular Melbourne and Sydney and the Asian influences that happen there. He also talked through the menu for me. I was particularly interested in the set menu which was an incredible £35 for three courses. It included Salt Skrei cod which shouldnt be a surprise as I believe that Michel Roux Jr is an ambassador for that breed. The mains included slow cooked ox cheek or roast Var Salmon. Desserts included apple tarte tain with a calvados cream, a joy we tried later with OUR menu. Seriously this is worth a train ticket for – £35 lunch – wow! Not open at weekends though.


My lovely mum with her MBE, totally deserved and earned


 My mum and Boo, my sister, wont do all the photos of family as there are so many of us, never mind spare and heir, she has spare and an entire country to take over should anything happen to heir (who is Krissy by the way).


 Lots of my family, in a private room as it is least disturbing for the other diners! My mum got really excited when she realised that Murray, Beths husband and on the left of the picture, is from New Zealand which is part of the Empire, she felt that her MBE gave her power over him, like we don’t all do as she wishes anyway.


The amuse bouche was a cauliflower and cumin veloute enveloping a raisin sorbet. What an amazing contrast of cold and hot


oh oh oh this was a stunner, Marco had described this earlier and I was so thrilled that it was on the menu. Scallop, crisp suckling pig belly, black pudding, fennel and apple with a celeriac puree. The roe from the scallop was dried and grated over the scallop.


I wanted this too, Char Roast Langoustine, prawn tortellini, prawn tartare and coastal vegetables


A surprise dish of smoked quail, leek heart, Iberico ham, hazelnuts and ice Verjus. Marco had told me about the ice Verjus before hand, it is something I had never heard of before but basically little spheres made of grape juice and jolly expensive so when my sister Miriam offered me a taste I hoovered up rather a lot, thanks Miri x


Duck, confit heart, bergamot, sprouting broccoli and more. Tasty, moreish and a good choice


 oh yes, my dish, roast cod, spelt, garlic, parsley, mussel and fennel. Every element worked with its friends on the plate, perfectly cooked fish with tones that hit in waves, thank you sir.


What can I say, if Michel Roux Jr cant do Tarte tatin then no one can and this didn’t disappoint. My lovely mum is quite keen on puddings so there were a range for her to have. Was it better than receiving her MBE? Probably not but a close second and well done on Toby for organising the pudding situation.


Do you know what, work these puddings out yourself. I had far too much champagne for which I humbly apologise and promise to eat breakfast next time. I do know that everyone loved them and they were the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Just as a little aside, I don’t believe the wonderful Michel Roux Jr was there on the day but the food was excellent. If you look back through my blog to day 4 of my miserable cruise when I went to the Marco Pierre White restaurant you will see that the food was pretty awful. I was chastised for expecting quality if the chef wasn’t there. Hey Marco, go see Roux, he can put you right!!

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