Roast of abundance at The Newbury – go and eat, you wont be disappointed!


How cute is this starter?  Fish and chips but wow what a difference, love the tiny cute tower of little chips, absolutely love the salmon keta, nothing better than an explosion of salmon oil in your mouth and the monkfish was perfectly cooked.




It isnt often I do two pictures of the same thing which means either I am rubbish at pictures (ho hum) or I want you to see the wonderful skill of Darren Broker-Wilson @TheNewburyPub.   I have been following this amazing chef for a good few years but not in a stalky way!  I have loved the Newbury Pub for such a while and have done other blogs on this delightful food provider.  Pete Lumber, the owner, is so supportive of the community and charities such as the wonderful @WestBerksMencap and I admire that so much.  This is not a chain restaurant that doesn’t care about where it is or what it gives back (not Nandos, they are very supportive which is fab).  Pete cares about his community and gives back in so many ways that you cant help but love him and his staff.  The fact that they also produce amazing food is a huge added bonus.


It was suggested that I may not need another course with the fantastic roast but hey, you know me well dear reader and I will never forego a starter, not bothered about puddings but LOVE starters.  Therefore note the starter above, amazing with the detail of the salmon keta eggs with the delicious monkfish and chips.  Perfect sizing for a starter and amazing taste.


These are some of the accompaniments, what is there not to like, parsnips, cabbage and cauliflower cheese.  Almost a meal in itself until you see the mains it befriends.  This is the roast of roasts, absolutely amazing.

Not only do we get three incredible roasts, beef, pork and crackling and half a chicken but all the accompaniments including an amazing apple sauce that is so much better than any apple sauce you have ever had.  As much gravy as you want, don’t you hate it when there isnt enough, and no possible way to finish it, yet only £18  per person!  Seriously how does that work?


I would love to show you pictures of the puddings but as greedy as we are there is no way we could manage anything more.  This is a stunner and I recommend it highly.





This wasn’t what we had on the day but I was given it as a taster on a night where they were supporting West Berkshire Mencap, oh my it was amazing, soft slow cooked beef with creamed roots and the most brilliant gravy ever.

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