Its Chrissssssstmas!! Looking to review places that don’t just do turkey

I hate to say this as I am in no way Mrs Christmas, I have staff (you know who you are Sandra) who count down the days from December 26th onwards but I personally think Christmas starts on the day West Berkshire Mencap has its Christmas Carol Concert, this year in conjunction with the Mayor on December 15th at St Nicholas Church. This is a day of enormous fun and crazy wonderfulness but as I have already seen Hot Cross Buns in the shops (SERIOUSLY?!) I have decided to do a comparison of Christmas menus in local eateries. I have seen a great menu from The Newbury, also from Mia Fiore, both in Newbury.


There are foods I dislike and mostly these are the great pretenders, food impersonators. Cauliflower is NOT broccoli, sweet potatoes are not potatoes, parsnips are not carrots and turkey is a dry pretender to the throne of moist chicken. As an aside I am now a total of fan of brining and poaching my chicken with the roast being the final finishing. Is there an emoji for Homer Simpson’ drooling ahhhhhhh. As for brussel sprouts, OH MY GOD dont get me started on Satans spheres. It is like eating someone elses expelled wind, no I dont know how that tastes but I have a superb imagination.


Call me 07770405366 and ask me to look at your menu, have an interview for Kennet Radio to tell us about your Christmas menu. But not if you ONLY do turkey

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